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Girl online and hitch get acquainted

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"If you cannot attack the message, then attack the messenger." -Machiavelli

"Error nearly always has its origin, not in profound and laborious studies, but in the tripleheaded monster which St. John describes and calls: 'Concupiscense of the flesh, concupiscence of the eyes, the pride of life.' Here are the sources of all error...Very often corruption of heart is a consequence of errors of the intellect; but more frequently still errors of the intellect follow the corruption of the heart. The history of heresies
very clearly shows this fact. Their beginnings nearly always present the same character, either wounded selflove, or a grievance to be avenged."
(Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany, from his book, Liberalism is a Sin p. 133)

"When a bishop is supplied by the Pope [Gregory XVII] for possible ordination I present myself to him for consideration... We must be ready to follow God's will no matter how much it opposes our own will .. In the past EVERY cleric I have had dealings with as [sic] proved to be a liar. [emphasis Bawden -TCW] ...The average Traditionalist Priest Acts like he was his own little Pope!" -Documented Words of Saboteur David Bawden c. 1989

"And all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution. But (in the last days) evil men and
seducers shall grow worse and worse: erring, and driving into error" (II Tim. 3:12-13).

(Brief note added after this article was first posted): the individual "L.M." mentioned below has spread a sinful falsehood (102% deliberately spun by a libertine named Jim Condit Jr., in response to TCW's exposing Condit Jr., and his associate Gary Giuffre's years of documented perfidy) concerning a hand-signed letter from 1990, the Editor of TCW (Mr. Hobson), at one time had posted online from a (now deceased) priest to a Mr. Patrick Henry Omlor. The letter came from TCW's unprecedented information find (12/23/05) of documents relating to the Hidden Papacy of Pope Gregory XVII - and is in the Editor's possession. -TCW


In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
March 9, 2008 A.D.

The Editor of TCW recently sent an email to an individual who supports the documented false history of a "pretend" Catholic named David Bawden. This character [Bawden] has a wicked vendetta against anyone or seemingly anything to do with "Cardinal Siri" (A.K.A. the Hostage Pope Gregory XVII). Bawden who hails from Kansas has a supporter "L.M." (with too much time on his hands) of his anti-apostolate who also uses Mortally sinful calumny to attack the "Siri FACT" -showing no concern for possibly putting certain important individuals lives in danger.

Here are some extracts from a brief email, I (David Hobson, Editor of TCW) wrote Bawden's cohort "L.M." on Jan. 6th, 2008:

From: "David Hobson, Editor, TCW"
Subject: Does Precise History Matter??
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 06:15:46

Q. is that in line with Justice?

RE: Bawden's Accurate? (Calculated) History of his time in Texas which is still online 01/06/08

... Did you know Bawden believed "Siri" was Pope [Note: documented in his (Bawden's) own written words]

In equity, possibly no (you did not)

Now you do: this is documented fact - not calumny, not a supposed "attack" .... ask your boss

With this (documented) accurate - information truth: Do (can?) you support this (Calculated) public narration of precise "facts" (without scruple) - is that in line with Justice?

(Excerpts From Bawden's Website): "In October, 1988, David Bawden traveled to see Tran Van Khoat and exercised his rights under Canon 682. The laity has the right to receive from the clergy the spiritual good and especially the necessary means of salvation, according to the rules of ecclesiastical discipline. Since Tran Van Khoat claims to be a cleric he had a duty to deliver a definitive positive answer, since he now claims to have had certain knowledge of Siri's papacy. ... Since it is necessary to be subject to the Pope, when Bawden approached Khoat, Khoat had a duty to tell him who the Pope was, so he could submit to him. By failing to do so, Khoat tacitly declared that Siri was not Pope. This tacit declaration led Bawden and others to reach the conclusion that Siri was not Pope..."

In Brief: David Bawden narrates a history claiming he travelled to Port Arthur, Texas in October of 1988 to ask Fr. Khoat information about Cardinal Siri (whom Fr. Khoat had met with in a clandestine type situation only four months earlier in Rome) as to whether he (Siri) was Pope. Bawden relates (and publishes on his website) that Fr. Khoat did not in 1988 provide him with an answer to his [this] specific question.

Let's look at what really happened on Bawden's visit (s) to Port Arthur, TX to meet with the holy priest Fr. Khoat in 1988 (in Bawden's own words).

Yet first, (knowing TCW has the info)- see the child of unnatural birth "L.M.'s" Machiavellianistic (lame) attempt to: "attack the messenger."

"Hobson thus deliberately misrepresented the facts... ...his (Hobson's) trademark tactics of taking unproven claims that he wishes to endorse — and prefixing them with the word "FACT!" (or sometimes "REALITY!"); yes, in upper-case... as if the use of these words can cover for the lack of substance to his lies. There is nothing... to warrant [the] fantastic pretension that he (Bawden)... acknowledged Siri as Pope!" -"L.M.", 02/04/08

The Editor of TCW (Mr. David Hobson's) Reply:

(Document I)

8/10/88 David Bawden writes to the well-respected layman Mr. Bill Comiskey about hopefully meeting Fr. Khoat. It is important to bear in mind that "Cardinal Siri" (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XVII) was alive and still under terrible duress. Fr. Khoat had met with him in June of 1988 and was helping His Holiness operate the Vatican "underground" from overseas (i.e. working with groups in both France and the US) - trying to mobilize a rescue mission to physically free the Pope in Exile.

08/10/88 (content) Bawden asks Mr. Comiskey about his silence on the matter - he adds that if he (Mr. Comiskey)
is commanded to not say anything he is acting correctly.

08/10/88 Bawden's signature to this letter

(Document II)

10/15/88 Letter from Bawden to Fr. Khoat confirming tickets to travel to Port Arthur, Texas were received by him.
(Note: provided by the benevolence of an anonymous donor from Fr. Khoat's True Catholic parish in Port Arthur, TX).
10/15/88 Bawden's signature to this letter

David Bawden October 30, 1988, Port Arthur Texas
Photograph of David Bawden, standing in corner at a pot-luck-meal with a group of True Catholics (Oct 30, 1988 Port Arthur, TX). Bawden was treated kindly- and was deeply impressed after having the opportunity to meet with the Rev. Fr. Khoat Van Tran.

(Document III)

11/02/88 Letter from Bawden to Fr. Khoat written after he has met with Fr. Khoat in Port Arthur, TX - again Bawden has
claimed for more than 15 years that no specific answer [or info] was given to him by Fr. Khoat, regarding whether "Siri" was the Pope.

11/02/88 (content) Bawden mentions well-known priest Fr. Dunphy would be of help when, "Cardinal Siri assumes the Papacy".
Also Bawden shows his high opinion of the holy priest Fr. Khoat- which is consistently seen throughout all of his letters.

11/02/88 (content) From evidence gathered from his (Bawden's) Port Arthur trip in October - Bawden writes Fr. Khoat that he believes that Siri is Pope. Note: Fr. Khoat had also (in confidence) told about his secret meeting(s) with the living (at that time) hostage Pope Gregory XVII to Bawden who states, "I shall not mention your visit with Siri". This alone exposes David Bawden's narration of events as entirely false.

(Document IV)

11/11/88: Nine days later another letter from Bawden to Fr. Khoat
11/11/88 (content) Bawden reaffirms his conviction to Fr. Khoat that Siri is Pope - and brings up ordinations
11/11/88 Bawden's signature to this letter

(Document V)

12/02/88 Bawden writes Fr. Khoat again and mentions possibly being ordained by Cardinal Siri [the Hostage Pope] some day
12/02/88 Bawden's signature to this letter: Note: impressed with the integrity of Fr. Khoat -he (Bawden) decides
to [and does] move to Port Arthur, TX - to help full-time in the movement to restore Pope Gregory XVII to His throne

(Document VI)

12/16/88 Letter from Bawden to Fr. Khoat

12/16/88 (content) Bawden mentions the safety of "Cardinal Siri"
12/16/88 (more content) Bawden rightfully states after meeting with numerous people (from the greater Houston area and other locales) involved in trying to help the Hostage Pope regain His throne - that at the death of Siri it would be sede vacante [the papal chair would be vacant].
12/16/88 Bawden's signature to this letter

Note: There are many more letters [note: possibly 100 pages -ED] than these few cited here from David Bawden to individuals connected with the Pope Gregory XVII reality from the late 1980s.

(Q.) What demon drove [drives] Bawden to go beyond (mortally sinfully) deliberately misrepresenting the facts - and to outright invent vicious gross untruths and publish them to the wind?

David Bawden
Photograph of ambitious drifter David Bawden at age 29, posing outside of St. Jude's Shrine, Stafford Texas c. 1989

More documented words from saboteur and "lover of veritas" David Bawden c. 1989: "In the past EVERY cleric I have had dealings with as [sic] proved to be a liar. [emphasis Bawden -TCW] ...Today is the tenth anniversary of my dismissal without cause from the Society of St. Pius X seminary ... I resolved to continue my clerical studies on my own. I have had no place to go for spiritual direction. In fact, I found my sinful self to be more spiritual, than many of the priests I had dealings with. Since leaving the Society I have worked with several priests and requested their assistance. To date none have assisted me in any way. Not only have I been unable to obtain ordination, I have been unable to to obtain a decent job to make a decent living. I sought work, but was unable to obtain more than a minimum wage (.35 per hour) position. ... I cannot find work although I have put in applications and registered with the state and with a temporary employment service. ...Also I have no secular education beyond High School...Therefore what should I do with my time? Spend every day in Topeka looking for a job?

When a bishop is supplied by the Pope [Gregory XVII] for possible ordination I present myself to him for consideration and will take any necessary courses he recommends... We must be ready to follow God's will no matter how much it opposes our own will ...every person who wears a clerical collar has failed me in the past. The average Traditionalist Priest Acts like he was his own little Pope!"

(A.) PRIDE [Upper-Case]: Bawden at that time (c. 1989) approached a lawful Bishop consecrated by the Holy Father (Pope Gregory XVII) seeking ordination to the priesthood and was respectfully [and prudently] denied.

"It is owing to their pride that they seek to be the reformers of others while they forget to reform themselves, and that they are found to be
utterly wanting in respect for authority, even for the supreme authority. ... For this reason, Venerable Brethren, it will be your first duty to resist such victims of pride...Examine most carefully your young clerics by yourselves and by the directors of your seminaries, and when you find the spirit of pride among them reject them without compunction from the priesthood. Would to God that this had always been done with the vigilance and constancy which were required!"
(His Holiness, Pope Saint Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907)

Instead of humbly obeying God's Will in the matter - he recoiled and for more than 18 years has used any and every wicked means possible to attack the veracity of the Historical reality of His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII and His Successors.

(From the Editor of TCW added 03/19/08): Bawden's response to this article (instead of looking inward - in regards to the evil he is promoting and publicly amending his 100% vile and damning actions) was to continue in his "career" of iniquitas. It is an absolute waste with these sorts... one brief note and some final comments:

Note: David Bawden's (equally) thoroughly corrupt pal "L.M." in a pitiful attempt to discredit TCW's 03/09/08 post (above) which lays the facts out before all about the sinister saboteur Bawden- in his own words - is now claiming a letter written in 1990 by a recently deceased priest (that was posted on TCW - which included relevant pictures with captions [for the web] by TCW) to Patrick Henry Omlor was a forgery! Ha!! TCW has the entire original typed and signed letter by this priest in its possession.

"In La Salette Our Lady said in 1856 that from this day, that Lucifer would be released and he does a lot of things.
And he ruin the Faith, little by little.. I came to this country [US] in 1975 - I was made a chaplain for a group of the Legion of Maria and a priest asked me how to say the Rosary because he didn't know how to say the Rosary!
I can't believe the priests can not say the Rosary!" -Fr. Khoat, from a sermon given 05/20/06, Corpus Christi, TX

Comments: The True (heroic) priests today have no diocesan system to support their daily needs. The prudent Fr. Khoat saw this situation when he first came to America in the mid 70s. He is a gifted organizer and a man of class: as all who know him concur. He is 100% dedicated to God. The American novus ordo "bishops" tried to break-up [snatch the souls of] his community when he first arrived to Port Arthur, Texas in 1975 which included repeatedly (daily) sending police [some times three cars at once] to harass this holy priest and his flock as he offered the Holy Tridentine Mass. (Note: Fr. Khoat has never been a member of the SSPX -ED) First and foremost of all, he gave his people the Bread of Angels (when few anywhere received the Holy Sacrament). This holy priest also practiced the corporal works of mercy by helping to feed many young families by using his educational knowledge in jurisprudence, economics etc. He was able to assist his people in purchasing a fleet of fishing vessels and also with other temporal endeavors - so they could have a chance in this new land for them.

The slothful and jobless peasant David Bawden who was shown great hospitality by the Catholics in Port Arthur (tickets, room and board) as unbelievable as this sounds - has (now) even attempted to attack Fr. Khoat for his prudence and great charity in helping the True Church survive on all levels.

Here are some of my [David Hobson, Editor of TCW] replies given in the spring of 2006 to Bawden's calculated vicious calumny:

1. Fr. Khoat's ownership of ten shrimp boats (Note: Bawden then disseminates a sinful calumny against Fr. Khoat that these boats may have been used for "smuggling").

Mr. Hobson's Reply: "Fr. Khoat was in charge of many people [800 families] — he did put together a deal [i.e. as he had US citizenship and could hold the title for the Vietnamese fishermen who were in the process of naturalization and could not legally negotiate until they were U.S. citizens - when they became citizens he transfered the title to them] to purchase these expensive shrimping boats. In Vietnam these people were well-trained in fishing skills (shrimping etc.) The Vietnamese are a hard working people. Port Arthur, with the ocean in the back yard was/is a great fit for these industrious Catholics.

I mentioned the webmaster's (Bawden's) unfair accusation here to a group of long time Port Arthur people, which included Bill Comiskey and as I recall Annie Comiskey his wife- and they all just laughed all at once... still there was a frustration in this "laugh" — this is clearly a libelous statement that no objective person could put online."

2. Fr. Khoat's ownership of a Hotel in Port Arthur (Note: again this was a legal arrangement because he [Fr. Khoat] was a citizen and most of the other Vietnamese [including those who operated the hotel] had not yet gained their citizenship. The staff worked hard to make it most professional. Fr. Khoat was horrified when he was informed by the group of Catholic Vietnamese that ran the hotel, that sometimes (as is the case throughout the hotel industry in varying degrees) along with the good law abiding citizens who would stay there- that also bad people stayed there. Bawden in his "logic" has tried to attack this too by a disseminating a slander that Fr. Khoat was in some way at fault because he [i.e. certain parishioners who earned their daily-bread by working at the hotel] could not (in the American "legal" system) control every person who stayed there - without being fined or possibly jailed for "discrimination".)

Mr. Hobson's Reply: "Fr. Khoat did no wrong here. I have gone through hundreds of documents concerning his life and business dealings — what is the point, here?

This is yellow journalism — Fr. Khoat is a holy priest — I am sure he did all in his power to get the bad element out of there — many prayers etc. Why is this on this web page — this is really unjust. If a business man owns a restaurant and a group of rotten people go there at various times, does it mean the owner has done wrong?

Bill Comiskey told me in late December 2005 A.D., in Port Arthur, Texas that Fr. Khoat did own a hotel, —(you must remember Fr. Khoat was not part of the Novus Ordo "diocese", he kept the True Faith, so he organized people to help with business for families and the true Church, - Resurrection Parish) Mr. Comiskey who I was fortunate to have dinner with him and his family, at his house in December, said the hotel was in not the greatest part of town. He said Fr. Khoat may have obtained it through a business dealing (default of a contract?)... Mr. Comiskey was not sure.... I did see some business cards/material for the hotel — and Fr. Khoat [via the Vietnamese faithful who worked there] did do his best for sure to try to make it a success. To infer that Fr. Khoat did anything wrong here is total and terrible sin of injustice."

Note: Fr. Khoat and his parishioners providently were able to purchase a large property that he and his flock turned into a thriving "Traditional Catholic Parish" called Resurrection parish in 1976! The Judeo-Masonic novus ordo criminals ["bishops"] went ballistic over this and "ordered" Fr. Khoat to say the Novus Ordo "mass" which of course he would not. They then waged a full-scale public attack (which included working with local city "officials") against the holy Fr. Khoat. It was all over the press - newspapers and magazines. Fr. Khoat never compromised. Yes, the good will be persecuted. -TCW

3. Fr. Khoat "seemed" to own a Western Union store (Note: the "Historian" and full-time dead beat Bawden was not 100% sure if Fr. Khoat owned this or not but "responsibly" thought this was worth noting on his two-bit (free webspace) website... Bawden then tried to discredit [specifying nothing] Fr. Khoat for owning [using?] a Western Union store).

Mr. Hobson's Reply: "I have no information on this. It seems he had involvement with a Western Union office. It is quite plausible this was useful in helping the Vietnamese help relatives/members of their families, still in Vietnam who were being persecuted. Let me assure you, Fr. Khoat is 100% completely an anti-Communist... that war is not over for Fr. Khoat. I hope you have the prudence to drop this section of hearsay above."

Readers of TCW- Fr. Khoat is as good as you get: he loves Holy Mother Church with all his soul. He has specific instructions from Pope Gregory XVII and incredible insight into what it takes to rebuild the Church [i.e. in reality reclaim the Throne]. This providential priest has valiantly guarded well what has been entrusted to him - away from the wiles of the enemies of Catholic Truth. --- "If you cannot attack the (DOCUMENTED) message..."

In the perfidious plebeian Bawden's - reprobate crimes one is reminded of what St. Jerome said about the heretics - "whose last defense is to start spewing out a serpent's venom with their tongue when they see that their causes are about to be condemned, and spring to insults when they see they are vanquished."

Relevant Links:

Le Pape Serait-Il Le Cardinal Siri? (The original groundbreaking article [1986] on "Siri" - in French - by Louis Hubert Remy)

The Historic 1988 A.D. Meeting of Fr. Khoat with The Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII (The Principal Circumstances of this History)

Pope Gregory XVII's Cardinal Camerlengo's Official Notification of Conclave (Published in newspapers worldwide, June 3, 1990 A.D.)

"We place all Our hope in the God of Our salvation, who is Our helper and strength in all Our tribulations. He does not permit
those who trust in Him to be confounded, He who thwarts the attacks of the impious and breaks the necks of sinners."
-Pope Pius IX

In Today's Catholic World (TCW)
March 2, 2008 A.D.

Restoration of the Traditional Catholic Church

Mr. Hobson,

"Thank you for your informative website, The Pope In Red. [] I agree completely with the facts presented on your website, as well as from other sources, about the 1958 Conclave theft of the Papacy de facto, not de jure, to the present day, by the Churches enemies, stolen from Cardinal Siri, Pope Gregory XVII. I am 42 years old and grew up as a child in the heart of the new 'reforms' of Vatican II. I remember when I was about 11 years old, 1976, attending Catholic grade school one day, when we went to mass and they changed Communion from the tongue, and instructed us in Communion in the hand. My innate 'Sensus Catholicus' sensed something drastically wrong with this, even as an 11 year old child. There are plenty of other stories from my childhood of the changing of the Church by various mis-guided 'reforms', such as face-to-face 'sacrament of reconciliation', the 'new order of the Mass', etc., among many others, but that is not the purpose of this letter, as you are well aware of the so-called "reforms" yourself, being about the same age as myself.

Thank you for displaying on your website, and linking to other websites, the prophecies concerning the restoration of the Traditional Catholic Church, in the very near future timewise as well. These prophecies are refreshing to a person's soul in keeping up their courage in the present difficult situation, not only in the Church, but in the world-at-large as well. It is comforting to know, based on numerous traditional Catholic prophecies from the remote past to the present, that the Catholic Church will reign supreme over almost the whole world, most importantly in the spiritual realm, but also in the temporal realm as well. In the very near future as well. All of the many prophecies speaking of the coming great Catholic Pope, and great Catholic Monarch, most especially the prophecy of Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno speaking of the restoration of the True Papacy approximately the year 2012, are soothing words to the soul, that helps to keep hope alive during the present dark days, from a Catholic perspective. Thank you for your website."


George C.

Dear George C.,

Greetings. First - thank you for your words of encouragement- there are many who help with St. Web Productions (Websites). These terrible times have been foretold as possibly being the greatest time ever of suffering for the True Church. Yet as the Holy Doctor of the Church,
St. Augustine says: 'Persecution brings forth Saints'. You probably know that there are a lot of false voices out there: you have Mike Dimond's workings as a dark force against Papal Restoration, and you have CMRI's Bp. Mark Pivarunas' popeless ecumenism [- documented on video Nov 30, 1993 at the (alleged) consecration of Dolan (in Cincinnati) where he (Bp. Pivarunas') publicly states [manifests] that it does not matter if one is a member of the SSPX (una cum "judeo-masonic antipopes") or a "sedevacantist" (una cum "zero")].

Note: In Today's Catholic World has (as of yet unpublished) multiple documents of most of the well-known Traditional clergymen's specific views in the very late 80s and early 90s on the "Siri" Fact - and their opinion(s): if or when a Conclave should be held.

(Which did occur)

I am a mere layman under obedience to the Hierarchy of the True Catholic Church in union with Pope Gregory XVII and His Successors. Forget these false voices "who do so much for the(ir) "Church"...." and remember but one Voice: "thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Please pray for the security of the holy Hierarchy in eclipse, and also if you so kindly would, please pray for my poor soul.

Our Lady of La Salette, Ora Pro Nobis

Mr. David Hobson


In Today's Catholic World

Relevant Links:

Listen to special radio and podcast interviews on True Papal Restoration

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

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