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Antonio Campo Dall’Orto

Antonio Campo Dall’Orto has been working in the media sector for the last 25 years and is now supporting and counselling companies in the media sector, mainly focusing attention on digital transformation. He was, from 2015 to 2017, Ceo of Rai, Italian Public Service Broadcaster, with the objective of transforming the Italian PBS into a contemporary Media Company, combining the public service mission with a leading role into the media market dynamics and practices. This strategy brought a discontinuity in the history of the Italian Public Broadcaster, aimed to generate value to the entire italian society through a vision driven approach. The scope was to combine a strong evolutionary step (expecially focused into advanced and contemporary languages and technology) with the core values of a Public Media Company: universality, pluralism, higly distinctive content. The most relevant results achieved during his direction were:

  • the launch of RAIPLAY, an online platform (website + smartphone app) that represented a turning point in the way in which Italians relate to content, available anywhere, anytime through a state-of-the-art interface; in only six months it became the most used service for content consumption in Italy;
  • a strong impulse to TV series international coproduction, that brought major investments in deals with global players, allowing Italy and its Public Media Company to take a step forward in this crucial premium market;
  • the launch of a new creative identity (brand, corporate and channels) that could assure a contemporary and homogeneous approach to all Rai editorial and commercial activities;
  • succesfull results in terms of audience and share, especially in regards to younger viewers, achieved with high quality, distintictive content. The audience share grew, despite increasing fragmentation, for two springtime seasons in a row (2016 and 2017); exceptional results that Rai achieved only two other times in the last thirty years (in much less competitive scenarios);
  • deep engagement in the launch of Rai Academy, biggest investment ever for helping the transformation of employees skills, consistently with the necessity of a more efficient and effective organization;
  • advertising revenues grew for the first time in the last six years, leveraging the new, more public service driven, editorial positioning;
  • achieved very successful financial results through a combination of revenues increase and cost efficiencies that allowed reinforcing the balace sheet and reducing the company debt.
Before then he was part of the Board that built the path for Poste Italiane, one of italian leading companies, towards its successful Ipo. The strategy was to rationalize and simplify the company strategy and activities, combining the financial and logistical strenght of the organization with a more effective approach to the market. Prior to the three years dedicated to public offices he was, until 2013, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of South Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Viacom International Media Networks and at the same time EVP Music Brands, in charge of the Mtv Brand for Viacom outside the U.S. Campo Dall’Orto was the Managing Director of VIMN’s South Europe cluster since 1999. In 2012 its portfolio increased to include Africa, the Middle East, Malta and Turkey, in addition to Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Greece, and was renamed the South Europe, Middle East & Africa cluster. His remit covered an extensive portfolio of VIMN’s brands, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount, VH1, Game One, and a suite of digital media services. Under his leadership, the cluster had evolved into a key region for VIMN with original programming, live music events and the extension of VIMN’s brands to various media platforms including online, digital, high definition and mobile. Key highlights across the cluster overseen by Campo Dall’Orto include the expansion of the VIMN brand portfolio in Spain, such as the elevation of the MTV brand, the launch of the world’s first Paramount Channel, and the establishment of a partnership with leading Turkish pay TV platform Digiturk for the distribution of six VIMN channels. Highlights across other territories include the successful launch of Comedy Central in Africa and the creation of digital children’s’ channel Mon Nick Jr. in France. Campo Dall’Orto had also served, from 2008 until 2013, as EVP of Music Brands. He oversaw all creative and content decisions for VIMN’s music brands internationally and was the key architect of the organization’s efforts to drive brand excellence through fully aligned and integrated strategies on a local, regional and international level; to make sure a more consistent and balanced editorial approach could deliver stronger economic and financial results while reinforcing the emotional connection with the Mtv communities around the world. In 2011 Campo Dall’Orto was responsible for one of the most important steps in MTV’s recent history, when he formed its new content strategy, ‘Young Amazing Lives’. This new brand vision, with which MTV was reinvented as a youth entertainment channel dedicated to the Millennial generation, is based on two years of research commissioned by MTV. During his career, Campo Dall’Orto has also launched two major World Design Studios in Milan and Buenos Aires as well as six regional design centres and aligned programme grids and promotional strategies for MTV’s fifty-plus international channels. Campo Dall’Orto originally joined MTV Networks International in 1997 to lead the launch of MTV Italy as the channel’s first Managing Director. During his career Campo Dall’Orto has worked (from 2003 til 2008) at Telecom Italia Media as General Director and then CEO, overseeing all the Group activities, from the tv and content ones (he relaunched La7 brands that is now a key player in the market) to the infrastructural ones, dedicated to distribute the terrestrial digital signal all over the country. He also worked, from 1992 til 1997, as Deputy Director of Mediaset’s Canale 5 in Milan in his early days in tv, with the responsibility of developing original content and in charge of the budget supervision of the entire channel, at that time leader in the Italian market. Over the course of his career, Campo Dall’Orto had also been involved in several large-scale social responsibility campaigns. He was honoured in 2007 with the title ‘Advocate’ for the United Nations Millennium Campaign, the UN’s initiative to fight global poverty and hunger, in recognition of his work supporting the international ‘No Excuse 2015’ campaign. Campo Dall’Orto holds a degree in economics from Venice University and a Masters in Marketing and Communication from Milan University. He has also collaborated with the Communication Academy in Milan as Professor of Competitive Analysis and Marketing and held the position of President of the Association of Masters in Communication. He currently resides in Milan.

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