Previsioni giuliacci invierno 2019 moda

This is a strategy game in real time to computer. The game is set in the later Middle Ages to the fall of the Roman Empire, you can choose between 13 actual historical civilizations of that time. The objective of this game is to form a prosperous empire and beat the rivals. You have the ability to play online with 8 players at most, also able to play against the computer. This set includes a variety of units Civilian units: villagers, fishing, transport boats and commercial units. Military units: infantry, archers, cavalry, siege weapons, warships, single units, monks and heroes. Other units: often neutral as animals, trees, etc. Game modes: 1 Player in which opt to civilization and you have to face the rest of the field (against the computer). The difficulty increases as you progress through the different scenarios. The aim is to fulfill the tasks that occur in each scenario. Multiplayer: In this mode there are four different ways to play, related to Connect mode. The objective of this game mode is to kill rival empires you met online


  • It is a classic and quality endures today.
  • It is a very entertaining game and does not require much


  • Some multiplayer bugs and problems. No LAN.

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