Musnick chiropractic techniques

Since my auto accident over 25 years ago, I've benefited from three very different types of Chiropractic therapy. I will di...scuss the first one, Pierce Stillwagon here, and the other two in a later post.

The technique was developed by Dr. Glenn Stillwagon and Dr. Vern Pierce beginning in 1963. It is currently practiced using a computerized thermogaphic assessment which allows the chiropractor to measure the heat (thermo) coming from a body.

The Science of Thermography is the application of these heat readings for locating abnormal pathology or function in the body. Once the problem areas have been discovered, the chiropractor utilizes something called a “drop table” for your adjustment. This means that a portion of the table will drop slightly as you are getting adjusted. This drop feature allows the chiropractor to manipulate most of the body’s joints with reduced stress to the patient. I consider this to be a more gentle type of adjustment, without hearing any “cracking.”

After eight months of physical therapy with minimal results, I started meeting with Dr. Musnik in 1989. He is a chiropractor in Howard Beach, NY with a specialty in Pierce Stillwagon. We met for once per week, and I started noticing changes after the first few months. Please keep in mind, my neck injury was severe; my head was tilted to one side and stuck in that position. I started to slowly get more movement back in my neck and surprisingly I started to notice the muscle atrophy in my right shoulder disappearing. The muscle atrophy had been diagnosed in the rehabilitation center, but the doctor there told me there was no treatment for it. It was wonderful to know that getting my neck treated was healing that problem also.

I continued to see Dr Musnik for a few years for continued improvements and to maintain the improvements I had already made.

Sometimes people say Chiropractic doesn’t work…and I tell them they haven’t been to the right Chiropractor.

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