Musique pour s endormir vitello's studio

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If Rocksteady/WB will make one more final Arkham game, which features would you like to see?

479 · 43 comments

My favorite thing about the Arkham series will always be the enemy chatter.

7 · 4 comments

I know which one I'd rather have.

8 · 3 comments

Permanent snow in Arkham Knight?


If Rocksteady does make another Arkham game, what would you guys think of a Condiment King sidequest?

32 · 7 comments

Have you guys played the new Killer Croc DLC?

259 · 5 comments

Endless Knight - Richard Grayson

6 · 5 comments

Someone needs to take the Arkham Origins multiplayer and turn it into a full AAA multiplayer game

4 · 12 comments

Time to vote on your favorite Arkham game.

3 · 8 comments

How often do you play the arkham games?

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